Goat Milk Dog Shampoo - "all gussied up"  8 oz. Bottle

Goat Milk Dog Shampoo - "all gussied up" 8 oz. Bottle

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Goat Milk Dog Shampoo - 8 oz. "all gussied up" 

Our fur babies have been using this shampoo for years, and now we are sharing it with yours!

  • Artisan-crafted in small batches using naturally gentle, nourishing ingredients that are not harmful to your fur babies or the environment
  • Gently cleans and conditions skin and coat with farm-fresh goat milk and a blend of carefully formulated natural ingredients
  • pH balanced for dogs and contains NO sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, or dyes  
  • Fresh, clean scent
  • Has been known to kill fleas and ticks on contact (No ongoing effect for killing fleas and ticks is known)

Ingredients:  Goat milk soap base (goat milk, coconut oil, canola oil, castor oil, olive oil, KOH (lye)), distilled water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils (eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, cedarwood), grapeseed oil, and preservative (non-paraben)